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Advanced Paternity offers two avuncular testing options.
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Non-Legal Twin Avuncular Test

With our non-legal Avuncular Test, you can collect DNA samples privately and confidentially in your own home. When all testing procedures are carefully followed, the results of the test will be as accurate as with any other collection procedure. However, the information obtained ca not be used in court proceedings because the process does not follow approved chain of custody requirements.

Legal Avuncular Test

Legal Avuncular Testing follows the strict requirements of chain of custody, and therefore can be admitted as evidence in court. If the purpose of testing is to conclusively determine genetic relationships for custody, child support or inheritance in a legal or government proceeding, our binding legal testing protocol is the appropriate choice.

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What is an avuncular DNA test?
An avuncular DNA test is a type of genetic test that analyzes the DNA of an alleged nephew or niece and their alleged uncle or aunt to determine whether they share a biological relationship.
How does an avuncular DNA test work?
An avuncular DNA test works by comparing the DNA profiles of an alleged nephew or niece and their alleged uncle or aunt. The test analyzes specific regions of DNA that are known to vary among individuals, and the results are used to determine the likelihood of a biological relationship.
Is an avuncular DNA test accurate?
An avuncular DNA test can be accurate, but the accuracy depends on several factors, such as the number of DNA markers analyzed and the quality of the DNA samples provided for testing. The more DNA markers analyzed, the more accurate the test is likely to be.
What kind of DNA samples are required for an avuncular DNA test?
The most common types of DNA samples used for avuncular DNA testing are buccal swabs, which are taken by swabbing the inside of the cheek, or blood samples. Some labs may also accept other types of DNA samples, such as saliva or hair samples.
Can an avuncular DNA test determine the exact degree of relationship?
An avuncular DNA test can typically determine the likelihood of a biological relationship between an alleged nephew or niece and their alleged uncle or aunt, but it cannot determine the exact degree of relationship (i.e., whether the relationship is on the maternal or paternal side).